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Karastan Rugs History


Karastan has been in forefront of design and innovation in area rugs industry since 1928.
Karastan rug has been able to move flooring to new directions by creating bold ideas and products.  Karastan is the company that invented LusterWash and Tea-Wash techniques that are so admired worldwide for having that genuine, antique look. They continue to move ahead, as always, with new ideas, fibers, colors and techniques to make homes more elegant, beautiful and personalized.

Defining Moments:

SisalWool: In 1992, Karastan made product history with the introduction of SisalWool.

TeaWash: Karastan invented TeaWash in 1977: The multi-step technique transforms lustrous wool colors into a vintage patina, giving rugs an antiqued appearance that usually only comes with age. AN example of this can be seen in Karastan Samovar Collection.

Shapura: Karastan introduced Shapura in 2006 that emulates the softened shades of vegetable-dyed yarns and the close color values found in authentic Peshawar handmade rugs. Detailed groundwork, and the slightly worn effect created by Karastanís patented luster wash, gives these Axminster rugs a visual texture that is indistinguishable from handmade.



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